Different Pastabilities

Pasta and tomato sauce have many benefits beyond the naked eye. I will discuss they different and not well-known ways pasta and tomato sauce can benefit someone’s health.

We all know of the benefits of pasta as being a great source of carbohydrates, which helps give an individual the energy throughout the day. But, there are many other health benefits that pasta brings to an individual. For example, just from pasta there are positive effects on your health such as improving the cognitive function to helping prevent the onset of heart disease of an individual. Luckily, individuals’ attitude of pasta is very positive since individuals’ beliefs are positive because pasta with tomato sauce tastes very good and delicious.


Pasta is not the only source of health benefits of the dish, the tomato sauce that is commonly included in pasta dishes, also has great benefits on your health. Similarly to pasta, the tomato sauce contains a nutrient called lycopene that actually can reduce the risk of getting heart disease. The benefit of eating tomato sauce throughout the years builds up your body in order to boost your heart to fight off coronary heart disease. Lastly, the nutrient lycopene in tomatoes has a great impact on our bodies for example, it has been reported by the American Cancer Society that it can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.


There are some different and unconventional uses for raw pasta for example using raw pasts to feed birds. Birds have many impacts on our lives such as being pest managers, ecotourism, and seed dispersal. Feeding birds pasta would be beneficial for our lives because it would help control the pests and plant reproduction. Before you start feeding birds raw pasta, review this article about feeding them. 



The Pasta-stic Life

I am currently a student-athlete at the university; specifically I am a wrestler where I am forced to monitor my fitness and the kind of nutrition that are in my lifestyle. During the wrestling season, my body weight, hydration, and nutrition is very important so I can function at the highest potential. When I was in high school, my father would make me pasta after every match/tournament, when I make pasta after a match/tournament here it creates a hedonic value by reminding of my father. We have a nutritionist for our team that helps us through the performance and recovery of our body. The responsibility and monitoring of my nutrition and physical activity, I have an app, that is a nice instrument that helps me connect myself and ideas, on my phone where I can monitor what type of nutrients I need after a workout (Babin/Harris 164).

There are a ton of suggestions and recommendations from nutritionist about what the ideal food to eat after or before a workout, I believe the best food for your body and health is pasta.


Pasta contains many nutrients such as carbohydrates and even protein. The carbohydrates in pasta gives it a utilitarian value by giving your body energy that is slowly released for example, putting gas into your car to make it run, where the gas acts like the carbohydrates and the car is like your body. In addition, the complex carbohydrate in pasta gives energy to your muscles and helps the most important organ in your body, the brain.

There are a lot of upside potential such as very low sodium and cholesterol-free and very minor downsides of eating pasta. Many people have the impression that pasta could only be cooked with Alfredo or marinara sauce. But that is not the case since it could be added to soup or even a salad. In addition, there are different kinds of pasta such as having the option of regular and whole-wheat pasta that is responsible for 25% or greater of the required daily fiber intake. There are many different options that involve pasta that motivates consumers to experiment with these different pasta combinations (Babin/Harris 90). At local grocery stores, pasta is relatively cheap and is affordable for college students to purchase.

Born Into Pasta

After a long and tiring day of classes and practices, I get home and start to cook my favorite meal for dinner–pasta. Finally, when I sit down to eat my dinner, my friends comment, “Oh you made pasta again.” At the beginning of a new semester, professors ask an icebreaker question that is usually, “What is your favorite food?” Typically, a large majority of the class, including myself, responds, “Pasta.” I truly believe that pasta is necessary for everyone to try or at least to have once a week. Pasta is a great source of carbohydrates, albeit not the best option, but is by far the most delicious.

jvl-meatballs-jvl-classic-meatballs-spaghetti-lo-resWhile at home in Illinois, my family would follow an Italian tradition where my parents would cook pasta with homemade tomato sauce for my siblings, my grandparents, and I every Sunday night for dinner. When I eat or cook pasta at school, it brings hedonic value that takes me back to home and reminds me of my family and grandparents all sitting at the dinner table during Sunday dinner. Hedonic value is the, “Value derived from the immediate gratification that comes from some activity (Babin/Harris 29).” My friends and I have been trying to start a weekly tradition where we have Sunday dinner together and cook a nice home cooked meal. One Sunday night, my friends helped me make homemade spaghetti and meatballs. This process of making spaghetti and meatballs added a social value when it reminded me of my grandma mixing the onions, ground meat, eggs, and breadcrumbs for the meatballs at home. The labor and length of cooking the pasta and meatballs added a lot of value to the entire meal and dinner.

old-nutriBeing a college student dealing with the time restraints from classes, other activities, homework, and exams, cooking a home cooked meal is tough. Therefore, many college students end up getting a meal from Jimmy Johns or Chipotle. I make pasta frequently and am forced to shop at Lucky’s Market to get all the necessary ingredients that eventually start to run up my credit card bill. Nonetheless, the total value of pasta is that it holds a lot of functional value to me while I have classes during the day and, immediately following, practice. I have wrestling practice five times a week and sometimes twice a day, which takes a toll on my body and nutrition. That is where pasta comes in as a helpful hand to help my body recover from the tough week of classes and practices. For example, in an article by Chrissy Wellington describes how pasta is helpful for fuel, recovery, and protein. Pasta expenses add up but the overall total value is not only cost efficient, but sentimental. To determine the total value of a product is that value equals what you get out of the product minus what you give up for the product (Babin/Harris 28). The cost of buying groceries is equivalent to the emotional and functional value of what pasta brings to me.

Modern Times

Ernest Battaglia

Modern Times


            The film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin was a silent film that had several messages behind the silence. The film was somewhat hard to follow at first because I am used to watching films that are color and the characters in the film speak. So, I had to watch it a second time to get the messages behind the film. The film showed how people are programmed like robots and follows the big companies controls. Also, how much pressure the workers at the factories were put under to do an enormous amount of work.

            The film started out with a bunch of people dressed up alike and all went the same way out of the subway. The people then went to their jobs where they worked for several hours and went home, to only do this whole process day after day for years. This just shows how the workers of this society were like robots, going to work and coming back home to just repeat the process over and over. Also how they made the workers work. This factory had the workers sit at one specific place and work for several hours doing the exact same duty. This shows how the companies in the society had them programmed like robots to stay at a machine for several hours doing the same task.

            The film went on to have people standing at the same machine for a long period of time doing the same task. And it is like an assembly line so if the person messed up before you it would throw off the whole assembly line. That is exactly what happened when the boss of this factory was yelling at Charlie Chaplin and it was too much for him to handle.  So, he started getting messing up and it started ruining the whole assembly line. There was also some outside factors that contributed to this. During this time, the Great Depression was going on and it was very hard for people to find a job and to work hard enough to keep it.  This is what led to Charlie’s breakdown.

            This film main goal was to show how the factories and the big companies controlled how people worked and how they functioned. The factories and companies were able to do this because of the Great Depression. Charlie Chaplin did a great job of showing this through a silent film and how people during this period of time were functioning.

Fantasy Football

Ernest Battaglia

Professor Hedges

October 29, 2013


My research-informed cultural analysis paper is about Fantasy Football and some of the risks and effects it has some people of the world. The audience that this paper is for are people who play fantasy sports and also people that is interested in playing fantasy sports in the future. This paper that I wrote should be in a sports magazine of sort, like ESPN, because of the information it has on fantasy football. Also, how fantasy football owners affect them players after playing their games. The challenge that I faced with this assignment was wondering how to start off my paper and how to lead it into my arguments. So, I decided to start off my paper with an experience of my own drafting story that could lead into my arguments. The other problem that I faced was how to end my paper, should I end it with a story or wrapping up my arguments. I came to the idea to end my conclusion by imagining the future of the NFL and the fantasy football players. I feel like the strong sections of my paper are the fact that I actually play fantasy football so I know how it works. Also, my facts and citations that I came up with that support my arguments and to back them up. My weaknesses that I have are that I try to hard, work too hard, really dedicated, and care too much.

Lee, J., Ruihley, B. J., Brown, N., & Billings, A. C. (2013). The effects of fantasy football participation on team identification, team loyalty and NFL fandom. Journal of Sports Media, 8(1), 207-227. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.proxy.lib.umich.edu/docview/1419395109?accountid=14667

Rock, T. (2013, Oct 23). Jacobs receives death threats via twitter. Newsday. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.proxy.lib.umich.edu/docview/1443937765?accountid=14667

Ackert, Kristie. “Maurice Jones-Drew Apologizes to Fantasy Owners about Taking Knee against New York Jets.” Daily News Sports: n. pag. Print.





It’s that time of the year, when all the other professional sports are getting put on hold because the regular season is right around the corner for the NFL is about to start and its draft time. Everyone is reading up on the injury reports and looking for the sleepers of this years draft trying to get a leg up on their competition. It is also the time where my friends start talking about last year fantasy league results. Getting ready to start trash talking your friends when you win your fantasy football league. Which ended up with me being made fun of by my 12 closest friends that were also in my league for being. I do not want this season of fantasy football to be the laughing at Ernest for being in last place of the league. This is going to be the year where I am going to be at the top of the standings and having that fantasy football trophy in my arms. This paper will show how fantasy players take there fantasy sport very seriously and also how this effects of there feelings towards there favorite team.

For those of you that do not understand fantasy football is a game online where you build a team by drafting actual NFL players and you compete head to head against others in your league. When you pick your team, its like any other draft order when the first pick in the first round gets the last pick in the second round and so forth. Drafting is the most important part of your whole entire fantasy football career. Drafting is very key, your league usually picks running backs the first round because they are the most consist with points, but you don’t want to pick a quarterback to early. Next, you usually pick a quarterback then fill in the rest of your lineup. Your league generally consists of your friends and/or family. Once you have your team finalized, you have to set your lineup for each week on Sunday to get more points than your opponent. How you get points is easy: if your players do well you get positive points and if your players do bad then you get less points. Fantasy football is very realistic and is based on the actual players, lets say a player is injured in real life; he is injured on your fantasy football team. Fantasy football has become very popular in the United States by the advancement of technology.

According to Jeremy Lee, “An estimated 35 million people in North America participated in fantasy sport in 2011.” With the advancement of technology with phones and mobile devices you can play fantasy football from pretty much anywhere. For example, according to Taylor, Funk, and Craighill, approximately one in twelve people who use the Internet play in fantasy sports league. So when fantasy football season comes up every year its an intense 17 weeks of fantasy owners lives. For example, a fan and a fantasy football owner of Brandon Jacobs was extremely unhappy with his poor performance in a game and sent him a death threat on Twitter. People playing fantasy football very seriously and sometimes in this case a little too serious. But sometimes people take fantasy football serious in another way.

Fantasy football owners will want their fantasy football team to win much rather than there favorite team. According to the Journal of Sports Media, forty-one percent of fantasy football participants prefer a win by their fantasy team instead of their favorite team. This actually has a big impact on the national football league with ticket sales, team merchandise sales, and sponsorship sales. When people care more about their fantasy team more than their favorite team they start to become less interested and not motivated by their favorite team. Fantasy football owners put NFL players under a tremendous amount of pressure when they do not perform well or when they do not score a touchdown. For example, Maurice Jones-Drew apologizes to fantasy football owners after the game against the New York Jets. “In the game, the New York Jets led Jones-Drew’s Jacksonville Jaguars 22-21 with two minutes left in the game. The New York Jets were willing to concede the touchdown to the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to get the ball back with time left in the game. Jones-Drew was about to score a go- ahead touchdown when he did the unthinkable to fantasy owners: he took a knee on the one-yard line. (Lee 1)” This play caused outrage in the fantasy football world when the owners that had Maurice Jones-Drew thought they were going to get six points for his about to be touchdown but he did the unimaginable play of taking a knee on the one-yard line. Jones-Drew said sorry to fantasy owners and responded with, “ That it hurt his own fantasy football team because he owned himself.” This shows how football players are put under the most amount of pressure of everyone because they want to please the fantasy football owners and the fans of their team.

The hobby of fantasy football is a very serious topic to be discussing right now because we are in the middle of the football season and the tension is the highest. By the trend of the population in fantasy football growing over the years you have to wonder what kind of effect that is going to put on the professional athletes of the National Football League. The football players of the NFL are probably going to be put under even more amount of pressure due to the amount of growth of interest in fantasy football. Also, with the increase amount of people playing fantasy football, that means more fantasy players caring more about their teams than their favorite teams. In the future, the NFL is going to have a serious problem with the fans criticizing the players about not getting that touchdown at the end of the game. Or of them caring about their fantasy team than their favorite team and just not going to games, buying merchandise, or watching their games.

McCullough Response

In McCullough speech, my reaction to it was kinda annoyed and I would not liked to hear it at my graduation. His speech to me meant that everyone is the exact same and its up to us to separate ourselves from each other. It was like he was challenging us to try to be better and “special” than all the other students around you. His audience were the students at the graduation and he was trying to get them to be better than others. At first, his speech seemed to mock the students at the high school and all the stats that he gave how everyone is the exact same. But in the end, his speech is actually very interesting and is challenging students to try to be better than the person sitting next to you.

Listen and Learn Response

At first reading this writing, it was very difficult to read because it seemed it went from story to story and confused me. But in the end, TED talks tries to make it fun and interesting by the different camera angles. The story that I liked more than all the others, was the ox story. The ox story was about the audience guessing the weight of the ox. Then when they have all the guesses they combine and average all the weights. Once they do all of that, the averages of everyone guesses is the actual exact weight of the ox. 

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